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Speedex Lensio Series

Introducing the Speedex Lensio Portable Projectors – your gateway to captivating visual experiences on the go.

With the built-in smart apps, auto keystone technology and immersive audio speakers, the Speedex Lensio Portable Projectors offer an exceptional home cinema experience.

  • Built-in Apps

    Enjoy endless streaming with built-in Netflix & YouTube.

  • Effortless Setup

    Get instant visual experience without the need of calibration or adjustment.

  • Easy Connectivity

    Smooth and effortless pairing with a wide range of devices

  • Short Throw Focus

    Projects large clear images from a short limited distance.

Why Choose Speedex Lensio?

Find out why people choose Speedex™ Lensio Portable Projectors over other brands.

Why Choose Lensio?

Built-in Apps
360° Immersive Audio
Advanced Colouring
180° Flexible Design
Gaming Compatible
Costs £££

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my phone? 

Yes, Speedex™ Lensio Portable Projectors are compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.

You can connect them through Bluetooth, AirPlay or using the HDMI cable.

Can I watch Netflix/YouTube? 

Speedex™ Lensio Portable Projectors are equipped with a built-in speaker, but you also have the option to connect an external speaker or plug in your headphones for an enhanced audio experience.

Are they noisy when operating?

No, they operate with a mere 15 decibels, making it almost whisper-silent.

Your movie or show viewing will remain uninterrupted and immersive, without any disturbance from the sound of the projector.

Do they have built-in speakers?

The Speedex™ Lensio Portable Projectors come with a built-in speaker, but you can also attach an external speaker or use headphones for an improved audio experience.